MYC was founded by Evelyn Engstrom 2003.

After working for a well known rug design firm for 12 years, and inspired by her husband Jans Swedish heritage,

Evelyn decided to start her own company.

Visting Sweden with her husband for the first time in 2002, she went on to order sample rolls of PVC.

Her first retail client was “Good Food, Good Things”, in CT which was formerly owned by Elizabeth Dupont.

Elizabeth loved the idea and placed a nice order of 5 colorways in 1 – 4″ pattern, thats all MYC offered then, which sold out in just a few weeks.

From then on, customers with vacation homes in MV, Cape Cod, Nantucket started to purchase for their summer homes and from there on, MYC became a household name.

Our business is 80 % word of mouth and that is the best advertisement any business owner can have.